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Azula harbored strong mental instabilities, trusting the lady mom treasured Zuko more than their

Azula harbored strong mental instabilities, trusting the lady mom treasured Zuko more than their

From inside the letters so you can his aunt Gina, Tony is apparently reveling in his notoriety: The guy asks for duplicates of every paper tales she will pick from the his instance.

He does not discuss shame. The guy never ever claims he’s disappointed. “A lot of exactly what the guy produces throughout the,” she says, “try their guide.”

Good firebending prodigy, Azula try vicious, pushy, and obsessed with stamina. She try a talented strategist just who orchestrated the newest coup of one’s Earth Empire capital, Ba Play Se, [6] [7] and you may halted brand new invasion at the time from Black Sunshine. [8] [9] Increased by their dad inside the an environment in the place of a moms and dad-figure, Azula must be absolutely nothing very poor inside her father’s eyes so you can obtain affection and you can attention out-of your. After the betrayal out-of the lady one or two nearest household members Mai and you may Ty Lee, this type of instabilities was brought up on the surface. [1] Through to the brand new coming away from Sozin’s Comet, Azula is actually soon is crowned Fire Lord; [10] however, the girl overcome as a result of her aunt Zuko and you will Katara brought about her to suffer a whole rational breakdown. [11]

Following their psychological malfunction, Azula is installed a mental health business to recuperate, [12] even though she at some point joined Group Avatar to their search for Ursa, within her secret schedule in order to betray them and usurp the new throne out of Zuko. At this quest’s completion, yet not, Azula escaped brand new team’s oversight.

Some time after the woman exile, Azula gone back to new Flame Nation Resource during the miracle. Having ultimately accepted one she would never be Flames Lord, Azula resorted to help you manipulating Zuko to ensure that she you are going to signal courtesy him. Collecting several girls followers, she obtained new guise of your own mythical Kemurikage in order to intimidate Ukano on intimidating Zuko. Whenever one to unsuccessful, Azula along with her followers resorted to kidnapping college students about financial support, means the city into municipal unrest. Although Zuko and his allies was able to save your self the youngsters, Azula along with her followers fled.

Early youngsters

Princess Azula came into this world to help you Prince Ozai and you may Princess Ursa inside 85 AG and was named immediately following their paternal father, Flames Lord Azulon. [13] Azula was raised together with the riches, splendor, and privileges off royalty about Flames Nation. The girl sharp wits plus the fact that she is actually a beneficial firebending prodigy achieved her high interest and you will acclaim, and this easily generated this lady Ozai’s favorite boy. [2] The girl father first started raising her since their true heir off an enthusiastic initial phase, bringing the woman into the their trust and you can training this lady within the politics. Azula after attended new Royal Flames Academy for females, where she satisfied and you may befriended Mai and you will Ty Lee, a couple girl off Flame Nation noblemen. [14] One reason why the fresh new princess chose him or her since the loved ones is actually because several girls possessed experiences you to definitely she failed to, thereby she spent part of the woman puberty training these show from them. [15]

Despite the increased stress in their family along with their dad’s favoritism out-of Azula, cohesion and comfort were still good one of many more youthful family relations during the Azula and you may Zuko’s teens; including, the two create have a tendency to reenact the final duel from Like amongst the new Dragons just after watching brand new play throughout their regular vacations within Ember Area. Both sisters happily recalled these thoughts years after. [16] But not, while they increased older, the fresh new sisters eventually expanded aside.

Deteriorating relationship with Zuko and you may Ursa

Regardless of if Azula is actually obviously popular with Ozai, she believed her mommy appreciated Zuko a great deal more than their, performing a rift from jealousy anywhere between this lady and you may Ursa and you may Zuko. Encountered everyday with this specific mom/boy bonding, Azula will made an effort to gain Ursa’s notice for some reason. However, these types of initiatives always contributed to relatives quarrels. As much as 94 AG, Azula strolled with her mother and sister from the royal lawn. Perception forgotten and you can bored, given that Ursa only spoke that have Zuko, Azula ignited a flower, prompting Zuko to share with for her so you can Ursa. Ursa scolded Azula for disrespecting this new royal backyard, although princess only asserted that the rose “deserved they”, whilst hadn’t person to her liking. For the retaliation having telling on her, Azula burned Zuko’s base, getting in touch with him a tattletale. Yet not, Ursa punctually delivered her so you’re able to their room. Scowling over so it therapy, Azula stormed of. [16] Scenes like this turned normal incidents, and as a result, Azula arranged an ever more hostile ideas toward Zuko and you may Ursa.

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